PIBL staff members recognize that it take more than a conveyance vehicle to effectively transport cargo from one point to another. Detailed attention is paid to preparing accurate documentation to assure that the transport is not interrupted during its passage through the various government and commercial regulatory requirements. Particular attention is focussed on the documentation and regulations required by the country of destination to insure a smooth transition of the cargo through that country's customs and on to its final destination.

To accomplish this and to maintain our professional edge in our industry we maintain an updated reference library in each of our office and provide a continuous training program to our employees. Our management and employees are encouraged to travel to foreign countries to gain first hand experience with the infrastructure and regulations of various countries. We also recognize the importance of personal contacts when "things" must be done in an expedient and cost efficient manner that will make barriers disappear if incurred.

Our objective is to assure that the cargo arrives at its destination as scheduled, without damage and that we have created no obstacles to our principals to receive prompt payment according to their commercial terms.