Q: What are container dimensions?

  Internal Dimensions Door Opening Dimensions
20' Standard Container 19' 3" 7' 7" 7' 8" 19' 3" 7' 6" 5"
40' Standard Container 39' 4" 7' 7" 7' 8" 39' 4" 7' 6" 7' 5"
45' Standard Container 44' 4" 7' 7" 7' 8" 44' 4" 7' 6" 7' 5"

Please note that dimensions can fluctuate per manufacturer/container construction.

Q: What is the maximum weight we can load in a container?

  Maximum Weight With Tri-axle
20' Standard Container 41,447 lbs 44,533 lbs
40' Standard Container 44,313 lbs Not applicable

A container floor is capable of carrying a fork-lift truck with a maximum axle load of 12,040 lbs if the contact area per wheel is at least 22 square inches.

For concentrated/dense loads the maximum spreaded load should NOT exceed:
    20' Standard Container: 4 metric tonnes per running meter in length (3' 3")
    40' Standard Container: 3 metric tonnes per rumming meter in length (3' 3")

All subject to rail approval.

Q: How long are my rates valid for?

Unless otherwise specified your quoted rate is valid for 30 days generally. Please note however that it is subject to tariffs and surcharges in effect at the time of shipment. It is also subject to space and equipment at the time of booking.

Q: How tall can we pack our freight for airfreight?

The height of your cargo that can be accepted for air freight will depend on several factors.  Some of these include the aircraft's cargo hold height, the space available on any given flight, if the carrier interlines with other airlines—their size and equipment availability, etc. It is best to call one of our offices for your specific shipment.